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Poor Charlie's Almanack
Skin In The Game
Thinking In Bets
The Psychology of Money
The Intelligent Investor
When Genius Failed
The Dao of Capital
Security Analysis
Against The Gods
Secrets of Sand Hill Road
The Black Swan
Fooled By Randomness
The Most Important Thing
Bitcoin Billionaires
The Success Equation
The Holy Grail of Investing
The Box
Liar's Poker
The (Mis)Behavior of Markets
Digital Gold
Think and Grow Rich
Mastering The Market Cycle
Money: Master The Game
Stress Test
Where are the Customers Yachts
The Most Important Thing Illuminated
The Great Crash of 1929
The Warren Buffett Way
The Essays of Warren Buffett
Fooling Some of the People All of the Time
The Alchemy of Finance
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
Market Wizards
Manias, Panics, and Crashes
Charlie Munger
More Than You Know
Expectations Investing
Trading Bases
The Tao of Charlie Munger
Layered Money
The Power Law
The Little Book of Common Sense Investing
The Big Short
Portfolios of the Poor
One Up on Wall Street
More Money Than God
Black Edge
Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
The Richest Man in Babylon
Die With Zero
Adaptive Markets
The Man Who Solved The Market
I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Other People's Money
More From Less
The Tycoons
When The Wolves Bite
Andrew Carnegie
The Warren Buffett Portfolio
Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits
The Clash of the Cultures
Take On The Street
The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need
The Gospel of Wealth
Cashing in on the American Dream
The Robber Barons
1000 Ways to Make $1,000
Confidence Game
Beating The Street
Quality of Earnings
Margin of Safety
You Can Be a Stock Market Genius
Winning The Loser's Game
A Short History of Financial Euphoria
No Bull
The Blank Swan
Bull by the Horns
Financial Derivatives
The Statistical Mechanics of Financial Markets
Models. Behaving. Badly.
The Kelly Capital Growth Investment Criterion
Jesse Livermore - Boy Plunger
Trader Vic
A Man for All Markets
What It Takes
The Little Book of Investing Like the Pros
Biography of the Dollar
The Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read
The Great Mental Models
The Aspirational Investor
Too Big to Fail
Lords of Finance
The New Market Wizards
Inside The House of Money
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