Where Do School Funds Go?

Marguerite Roza

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Book Synopsis

"Where Do School Funds Go?" by Marguerite Roza offers a comprehensive and illuminating exploration into the world of education financing. Roza takes readers on a captivating journey, dissecting the complex funding systems that govern schools and revealing where the money ultimately flows.

Through meticulous research and insightful analysis, Roza reveals the startling realities of how school funds are allocated and spent. She uncovers the hidden intricacies of budgeting and highlights the often-deceptive mechanisms that shape funding decisions.

In clear and concise prose, Roza breaks down the intricate web of funding sources, including federal, state, and local contributions, and dissects the impact of each on school systems. She shines a light on the inner workings of funding formulas, unequal distribution, and the disparities that perpetuate educational inequities.

With compelling case studies and real-world examples, Roza dives deep into the multifaceted world of education finance. She explores the motivations behind funding choices and confronts common myths and misconceptions. By exposing the truth behind where school funds go, Roza challenges readers to reimagine how funding should be directed to ensure every student receives a quality education.

"Where Do School Funds Go?" is an eye-opening and thought-provoking read, providing a valuable resource for educators, policymakers, and anyone passionate about the future of our education system. Roza's expertise and insights empower readers to advocate for transformative changes in how school funds are allocated and utilized, ultimately advancing equity and improving educational outcomes for all students.

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