Trump Will Smash the Left and Win

David Horowitz

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"BLITZ" by David Horowitz is a compelling and thought-provoking analysis of the political landscape leading up to the 2020 presidential election. Horowitz, a renowned conservative commentator, offers a no-holds-barred exploration of the left's relentless assault on President Donald Trump and his supporters.

In this hard-hitting book, Horowitz delves into the tactics employed by the left to undermine Trump's presidency, including the mainstream media's biased reporting and the constant barrage of attacks from celebrities, politicians, and activists. He highlights the hypocrisy of the left's claims of tolerance and inclusivity, pointing out their intolerance and demonization of anyone who disagrees with their ideology.

Horowitz reveals the dark secrets of the deep state and exposes the corrupt actions of high-ranking officials within the FBI and the intelligence community. He outlines how the impeachment process was used as a political weapon to remove a duly elected president, questioning the integrity of the institutions entrusted with upholding the rule of law.

Drawing from his own experiences as a former radical leftist, Horowitz provides valuable insights into the mindset of the left and the dangerous consequences of their radical agenda. He argues that the left's ultimate goal is not just to defeat Trump, but to fundamentally transform America into a socialist nation, where individual liberties and free speech are severely restricted.

Despite the overwhelming attacks against him, Trump managed to deliver on many of his campaign promises, from tax cuts to deregulation to criminal justice reform. Horowitz highlights these achievements and argues that Trump's policies have had a positive impact on the economy and the lives of everyday Americans.

"BLITZ" is a timely and thought-provoking read that challenges the reader to reevaluate their beliefs and consider the consequences of a left-wing takeover. Horowitz's sharp analysis and well-researched arguments make this book essential for anyone concerned about the future of America and the preservation of our democratic values.

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