Larry Summers


Larry Summers

Lawrence H. Summers is an American economist who served as President Emeritus at Harvard University from 2001 to 2006. He also served as the 71st Secretary of the Treasury for President Clinton and the Director of the National Economic Council for President Obama.

Principles for Dealing With The Changing World Order

Principles for Dealing With The Changing World Order

Ray Dalio

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Mark Cuban: "It's a masters in economic history. I highly recommend!"

Jamie Dimon: "Ray does an astounding job of giving us an inspiring and thought-provoking experience by looking at the rises and declines of empires, showing how economics, culture, military prowess, innovation, inequality, and other elements interact.

He leaves us with an improved perspective for thinking about very vexing issues such as the state of America versus China.”

Arianna Huffington: "Ray Dalio has a unique talent for making important and complex issues simple.

I was riveted by his descriptions of the cause/effect relationships that drove the last five hundred years of history and how they provide practical guidance for dealing with what is happening now.

This may well be the most important book of the year if not the decade. A must-read.”

David Friedberg: "It's very important that anyone listening to this who has any interest in what's going on in the world today broadly, read Ray Dalio's Principles for Dealing With The Changing World Order.

It is my #1, #2, and #3 book recommendation of 2021"

Larry Summers: "History is too important to leave to historians. Only Ray Dalio would have the brilliant audacity to attempt such a synthesis of the financial, economic, and political history of the world.

Agree or disagree, Dalio’s book is essential reading to understand our times."

Brian Armstrong: "Really enjoyed reading Ray Dalio's recent book, The Changing World Order"

Vinod Khosla: "Recommend reading"

Principles for Dealing With The Changing World Order
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